A (SON’S) LETTER TO MRS. LAI (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

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By:                  Rev. David Tam

Translator:   Agnes K Y Tai

Whenever we think about you: the gentle look in your eyes, the smile full of joy, the fearless perseverance amidst physical disability, your words filled with encouragement and hope… all made us feel so sweet and warm within!  There was never an ounce of pressure or a touch of boredom when we spent time together.  We could only feel that life is ever full of continuous vitality!  You are gone now!  Yet left behind in our memory are not tears but a delightful smiling face.  What comes to mind is not the haggard look of sickness, but the joy of life lived with hope.   All of this, yes all of this will remain as beautiful memories throughout my life.

Mrs. Lai, we are grateful that you and Rev. Lai cared for us throughout these many years.  Juliana and I both enjoyed your intimate warmth because of the care and prayers of you both; the feeling is still so fresh as we think about it now!  In the past, although there was a definite distance in terms of geography and time, yet, there was often that heart connection between us, Canada and Hong Kong!  Even though we didn’t speak frequently, yet the love forever dwells in our hearts!

Over 30 years ago, because of the approval from you and Rev. Lai, Juliana finally agreed to my courtship.  Her respect for you two was clearly evident from this!  Without the encouragement and support from you and Rev. Lai, the dream of 30 years of our growing together in marriage would never have become a reality.  Juliana and I both grew up in less than wholesome families and as we came together there were just too much baggage that we would have to shoulder, shed and accommodate together, and yet you both were always attentive to our love for each other in a marital life that is pleasing to each other.  Whether you were far or near, you unreservedly were there for us providing encouragement and support!  The lives of you and Rev. Lai are exactly a living manual of luscious marriage that everybody could witness!  In a family so affected by unfortunate changes, you never forsook or left the other, walking alongside each other without complaints or regrets, which have already given us a strikingly powerful testimony without the need for words!  What could we have to complain about in our own marriage?  Juliana and I are truly deeply grateful for the ever-available bits of support given by you both!

Over 20 years ago, you told me that once in your dream you saw that I came to minister in Vancouver and bought a house close to your place as well.  At the time, I didn’t think much of it as I was pastoring a church in Hong Kong and so it seemed something quite impossible.   But, much to my surprise, in the past year your dream had come true!  This dream became a reality in your lifetime!  Indeed, I moved to Vancouver to minister last year and in May this year I actually bought a house near where you live.  In the past year, the distance between us has shrunk!  Having dinner together, praying together……. Juliana and I have already regarded you both no different than our own parents!  It’s just like being at our parents’ home when we were at yours.  What a warm feeling!

There is still plenty I want to say, Mrs. Lai, your life and Rev. Lai’s have undoubtedly been a source of great blessings to us!  Devotion and love, joy amidst trials and tribulations, faith in the midst of suffering, let all that joy pour forth!  Your smile is all I see each time I think of you!  Even during times of anguish you still splendidly displayed that beautiful and joyful smile!  We will always remember you fondly!

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By:  Yvonne & Paul Lai

Translator:  Agnes K Y Tai

At a revival conference when I was eighteen years old, I received God’s calling in that revival meeting that was led by a Pastor Lee from Malaysia.  Offering my whole being to the Lord as living sacrifice, I was willing to walk with God just like Enoch in the Old Testament.  During prayers I could visualize myself as a little child, standing before the Lord, hoping that He would use me.  I knew, standing in front of my almighty Father God, that I was so minute and insignificant and yet I firmly believed that as long as I offered up my life that He would definitely be able to use me.  So I offered myself to the Lord based on simple pure faith, letting Him work His perfect will through me as I relied on this simple pure faith.

At the age of twenty-two, God’s calling arrived upon me again. During my quiet time one day, God called me again to offer myself as His servant.  Based on faith, I promptly responded to His calling.  I believed that only with faith like that of Moses while leading the Israelites through the Red Sea would God be able to fulfill His perfect will through me.  Our God is a mighty and amazing God.  In the thirty years that followed, He has been guiding me faithfully.  He selected a preacher as my lifelong companion.  We knew “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” (Amos 3:3)  A preacher and the spouse have to share the same vision, the same burden and hence be able to go through good times and hard times together.  (Yvonne)


At that time, when I was studying theology in Hong Kong, I mailed the pamphlet titled “Dedicated to the Unknown Preacher” written by Mr. Bian Yunbo to my beloved one in East Cambodia, hoping that she would resonate with me after reading it and would be willing join me to become an unknown preaching couple.  Thanks to the Lord, while she was pursuing an education in France, she became very clear about God’s calling on her life and agreed to embark on the missionary journey with me.  

Prior to taking up theological studies, God touched me profoundly in many ways through this poem, calling me to identify with the aspirations of the author.  I give thanks to the Lord for this and am grateful for the reminders and encouragements of the author.  

Several years ago at a revival meeting in Vancouver I was fortunate enough to meet the author – the elderly brother Bian Yunbo.  I held his hand, telling him excitedly that it was this poem of his that emboldened me in being loyal in my ministry, and how early on it was used by the Lord as a catalyst to stir our prayers for life partners.  God was so faithful to answer, giving such a crystal clear response from my beloved one to come join with me in the missionary journey.  I am so thankful to the Lord.  (Paul)






After a long wait of eight years, just when I learned that she also liked me, we faced objection from her father, all because people in that era called those who offered their life to preaching as “poor preachers”. As he deemed a preacher’s earnings as meager, he worried about uncertainties in his daughter’s


livelihood after getting married. And I was also anxious about my unclear future, there were several times I couldn’t get approval in my application to study theology abroad.  (Paul)




I posted a letter seeking my father’s agreement to my marriage, and also mailed a letter written in French to my 4th younger sister, asking her to carefully observe the response of our father when he was reading my letter, and then write to tell me.  My sister wrote back to tell me, “After reading the letter father continuously paced back and forth at our place.” This was obviously nervousness and a restless mind, not knowing how to handle the matter.  On top of that, my 3rd younger sister has written a very long letter in France to explain in details how I felt, asking father to agree to our marriage.  But thanks to the Lord, after some time, he finally replied.  Thanks to the Lord, He listened to our prayers at the end.  My letter to father had said, “I’d like you, father, to joyfully agree and bless us.  Then would I leave France for Canada to be married to Paul.” Father truly listened to his beloved daughter.  His letter back to me was written like this, “I am joyfully agreeable with your union in the Lord with Paul Lai” and his seal was impressed on his personal stationery.  When I got father’s letter, I couldn’t help but to cry a good bit.  Thanks to the Lord, God finally listened to our prayers and the next day I took the flight to Canada.  We were so happy, so excited while waiting for our wedding day.  (Yvonne)


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By: Paul Lai

Translated by John


God hath not promised skies always blue,

Flower strewn pathways all our lives through; 

God hath not promised sun without rain, 

Joy without sorrow, peace without pain. 

But God hath promised strength for the day, 


By: Paul Lai Translated

 By John

God hath not promised skies always blue,

Flower strewn pathways all our lives through; 

God hath not promised sun without rain, 

Joy without sorrow, peace without pain. 

But God hath promised strength for the day, 

Rest for the labor, light for the way, 

Grace for the trials, help from above, 

Unfailing sympathy, undying love.

In life’s journey we all at some point come across the darkness, lightening and storm. These experiences help us to mature, to get to know God better and to understand our own needs more clearly.  God sows into us our life and when our life matures, He uses us greatly.

God is merciful.  At first we only know how to enjoy each and every blessing from God.  When difficulties come, then we start to doubt God, wondering if He really loves us.  Is there a reason why He takes us through this process?  Remember, God always loves us.  The Bible tells us that He disciplines those that He loves so that we will be obedient and submissive to Him and learn to trust Him.  And, without trials and tribulations, we would not understand the needs of others who are going through trials and tribulations. 

Through my sickness I realized two transformations: The first was the physical and bodily transformation. The radioactive cancer treatment killed my salivary glands.  As a result, my throat is always dry. It hurts when I speak loudly and I need to drink water all the time.  The second was an emotional transformation.  Previously, I had never shed tears.  But now my heart became softened.  I would cry while reading a letter or a testimony.  The Bible says, “Blessed are those who mourn”.  We mourn for our sins and we mourn for the needs of others.

This experience has allowed me to know God in a deeper way.  What a great blessing that is!  Job said, “My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you.”  Job was a good man, a righteous person, one appreciated by God.  God let tribulations fall upon him.  Through the tribulations, Job came to know God better.  This is not “knowing through rational reasoning”, it is “knowing through experiencing God”.  From hearing to experiencing, from the objective to the subjective, this is the practical experience.  My sickness has allowed me to know God more deeply and to hear more clearly His precious words.  He spoke to me in my pain and showed me how real and precious His words are to me in a very personal and loving way.

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IN HONOUR OF YVONNE (A Letter to Rev. Lai) (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

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2016-01-19 11.07.48IN HONOUR OF YVONNE (A Letter to Rev. Lai) IMG_1235

By: Avalon Spence

What a wonderful time we had together that afternoon Hing and I came to visit with the both of you at your home.  Although the timing turned out to be just a matter of weeks prior to Yvonne’s passing, we were so surprised to see how well Yvonne appeared!  She didn’t look sick at all to our eyes, but in fact, we agreed on the way home that day, how Yvonne looked much healthier than the both of us put together!

We found  Yvonne to be positively  radiant when she greeted us that afternoon  with beautiful pink, smooth skin tone, nice shining  hair, dressed elegantly, and most of all wearing  such a nice warm smile to let us know we were really welcome.  So loving and gracious was her demeanor.   I can say without a doubt that she absolutely beamed with Divine Peace and Joy!  In the short time I was with you, I found Yvonne to be so genuine, intelligent, interesting and humble.  I liked her very much and experienced an instant kinship.  

Although the purpose of our visit was to bring encouragement and pray with you both that afternoon, we were the ones who left with an unexpected abundance.  The Presence of the Lord was there in your home in a very real way, and His being with us there made our time together so full.  Even during this time when you and Yvonne were dealing with sickness, the Joy of the Lord was spilling over onto us!

How quickly we all fit in together, feeling close and connected as believers do, spending those few precious hours talking, laughing, sharing testimonies of the way we’d all experienced God at work in our lives and in the lives of those close to us.  Our conversations were deep, honest and lively.  Hing and I even over-stayed our pre-planned length of visit as it was very hard to break up the bond we were experiencing.  But, after wrapping up with a time of prayer, we reluctantly got up to take our leave.  And another surprise: Yvonne decided she would walk us to the door – and she did just that!  What a beautiful sight you two were as we drove away – I can still see you in my mind’s eye, standing together on your front step –   smiling and waving ceaselessly until we’d driven out of sight down the road.  We felt so blessed!  I thought then that it’s too bad I hadn’t known Yvonne sooner in life, as I’m sure we’d have made great friends.  That of course will have to be put on hold until such time as I arrive where she is, and by then we’ll have all the time we need – an eternity in fact!


We all had prayed that afternoon that Yvonne would receive a miracle of healing.  But the Lord in His Wisdom chose to display perfect faith in Yvonne instead, not by removing the trial, but by seeing her through the trial.   When it was Yvonne’s moment to pray, I don’t recall her praying for a miracle as the rest of us did.   Instead, I remember she expressed trust in Him, regardless of whether or not the miracle was given.  That was a demonstration of perfect faith.   Despite adverse circumstances for many years, Yvonne hadn’t given up – she trusted her Saviour to the end.  I know she ran the race set before her and has received her reward in Heaven.

Rev. Lai, even though we rejoice because Yvonne is with Jesus now in Glory, I don’t for a minute forget it also means she is not here with you today and for that I offer my deepest and heartfelt condolences.   You were God’s gift to each other and I could see that very clearly – and you, Rev. Lai, were such a big, special part of God’s plan in helping her making it through.  We can do anything when we know we are loved – that was your gift to her – a real love that didn’t give up in the hard times.  Faith and love:  it can’t help but be a winning combination.  In my eyes you two made an excellent team and were a great example of a truly loving marriage.

I mourn with you now as you grieve what can only be expressed as a great loss.  I hope these reflections I’ve recorded here will somehow help you and others that knew and loved Yvonne to be lifted just a little as you walk through this time of sorrow.  I pray to God it will be so.

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LIFE’S CELEBRATION (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

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By:  Various 

Translated by Albert  Li

Dear Mrs. Lai, no matter whether you were walking, sitting, or lying down, you were, in our

heart, an example of a woman pleasing to God.   R. P.

We are grateful to you for the warmth you brought to us by your sacrificial lives.   Such warmth comes from Mrs. Lai’s kind smile and Pastor Lai’s teaching.   May the Glory of our Lord shine through you to us.   May we become like a mirror reflecting this light on others.   H. L.

You loved to sing for us the song “Nothing but Leaves”.   The reason is “when we experience various trials, you want us to consider it a great joy, knowing that the testing of our faith produces endurance.   But endurance must do its complete work, so that we may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.”  James 1:3-4.  Thank you for the witness you have given to us.   B. C.

When I looked back at how Pastor Lai and you diligently served, passed the message of Salvation of Jesus Christ, built up the church and edified disciples, I am grateful for all that you have put in.   May the Lord remember all you have done.   K. C.

As I reviewed what you have taught us and the living witness you’ve been to us in those years, they have become the examples for us to follow and to serve Christ steadfastly.   K. H.

Your submission, your offering without restraint and your service in oneness with Pastor Lai have given blessings to many of us.   Your smile, your persistence, your commitment to your family and your support to Pastor Lai were good examples for all of us.   A. C.

I remembered you taught me that a loving heart and wise mind are what is most important to a young lady.   You also taught me that I need not worry about not having a marriage partner when I let God sit on the throne of my life and have love and wisdom in me.   This truth remains deep in my heart and I will be re-teaching it to my daughter all my life.   A. S.

I am thankful that you brought me to Christ and cared for me.   I appreciate the love I saw in your marriage life, the way you served God together and the ability with which you managed your household.   You were Pastor Lai’s assistant in all things.   You were also a good mother for Stephen and Peter.   I respect the kindness and smile you delivered despite misfortunes.   It tells us how much happiness and faith God had given to you Mrs. Lai.   A. L.

Your smile has encouraged me to serve the people around me.   Your teachings have truly been my reminders.   When you met me, I was filled with sorrow.   You taught me to let the words of the Bible control my life and to bring fruits in my life.   Amazingly, this is how God has guided me.   I will always remember in my heart.   I love you, Mrs. Lai.   I will follow you as you have followed Jesus Christ.   C. C.


I received the Lord at Ottawa Chinese Alliance Church 40 years ago.   I have been a disciple and called to serve.   Pastor Lai has taught and directed me all this time.   He has taken an interest in our service and has supported and prayed for us.   This has greatly encouraged us.   In the life of Pastor Lai, we have come to know the meaning of faithfulness and persistence.   In the life of Mrs. Lai, we learned how to submit and be joyful.   Mrs. Lai, you were my beloved pastor’s wife forever.   You were my example.   Both of you have impacted our lives.   R.

Pastor Lai and you, Mrs. Lai, have brought great blessings to our lives.   Vividly in our minds you are faithful, loving and joyful amidst suffering.    Every time we think of you we see your smile.   Although you encountered

suffering in sickness, you still showed that beautiful and joyous smile.   My husband and I will always remember you.   D. T.

Do you remember?   43 years ago, my family was destitute in Paris, France.   You helped us to solve our immediate need by introducing us to work at a Vietnamese restaurant.   We are so thankful.   We will never forget.   We are learning from you.   You are our good model.   You are a good witness.   We will always remember your care for us.   Thank you.   P. L.

I just found out that Mrs. Lai has gone to her rest with the Lord.   Today, Sister Alice was the moderator of the Sunday worship.    She prayed for you at the end of the worship.   Many brothers and sisters were saddened by the news.  “The death of His faithful ones is precious in the Lord’s sight.”  Ps. 116:15.  G. C.

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LIVING IN THE LIGHT OF GOD (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

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546789SA IMG_1306

By: Yvonne Lai


When I think of this subject, there are two hymns that come to my mind.  The first is ‘God’s Way is the Best Way’:

God’s way is the best way, though I may not see it.  

Why sorrows and trials often gather around me, 

He is always seeking my gold to refine.  

So, humbly I trust Him, my Saviour divine.  

God’s way is the best way.  I will trust Him always; 

He knows best.

When I was eighteen years old, I dedicated myself to the Lord during a devotional meeting.  I wanted to walk with God like Enoch in the Old Testament.  In the prayer I visualized myself like a little child, standing in front of the Lord, willing to be used by Him.  I was nothing in front of my Mighty God.  But I was sure He would use me if I committed my life to Him.  With simple faith, I did so and submitted myself to His will.  When I was twenty-two, God’s calling was once again upon me.  Through my daily devotion one day, He called me to make a step of faith to offer myself to be a servant of God.  I accepted this calling right away, like Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt in front of the Red Sea.  He made a leap of faith to step into the Red Sea.  God accomplished great things through him.

Our God is a great God.  He is faithful.  He has led me all these years.  I married a pastor, and we have served faithfully together in churches since 1973.  It pays to serve Jesus every day.  Many people get blessings from the Lord through our serving.  In life we face uncertainties, difficulties and hardships but nothing can separate us from the love of God.  During the last thirty years of serving, God’s presence in me is constant.  He strengthens me when I am weak.  He comforts me when I’m hurt.  He makes His face shine upon me.

After the birth of my second child, I became sick with rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that is chronic and crippling.  The specialists told me that I would suffer “until the day I die.”

Who could I turn to?  No one could help me, not even my dear husband.  “Turn your eye upon Jesus.”  God used this hymn to remind me again to make another step of faith to trust him, he can “make me whole.”  My younger son has grown up now.  On his twenty-fifth birthday, I reflected on my journey accompanied with sickness.  The disease has gradually taken away my independence.  I went through ten joint replacements/operations.  Hospitals had become my second home.  But one thing in me was whole: my soul.  There is no bitterness, no sorrow, no complaints, but there is praise.  The Lord makes his face shine upon me.  My heart is always filled with love, joy and peace.

This is the second hymn: “Peace Like a River Filled My Soul.”

When peace like a river attends my way,

When sorrows like sea billows roll.

Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say:

It is well with my soul.

Romans 8:35

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?  Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?

In 1997, my husband, Reverend Paul Lai, was diagnosed with Nasal Laryngal Carcinoma.  The news came to us so suddenly that we panicked the first few days.   I still remember the night we received the terrifying news from the family doctor.  Despite the panic, the whole family worshipped together: “I surrender to you, Lord, and I’m willing to submit myself to your will in my life.”  That was my prayer.  As you all know, I depend almost completely on my husband to help me with my daily living, such as cooking, dressing, cleaning, etc.   What could I do without him?  Why was this happening to him, the main support of the family?  There were many questions to ask.  The Lord gave us the bible verse Hebrews 4:14-16 to comfort us and to remind us of His faithfulness, love and care.  Again, peace came to our hearts.  A series of tests and treatments followed, including undergoing radiation therapy thirty five times.  The radiation started on December 3rd 1997, with five treatments a week.

On January 25th, 1998, my heart was filled with the glory of God as my husband dropped me off at the rehabilitation centre (where I was hospitalized for an ankle surgery).  I knew right at that moment that my husband was totally healed by God.  I could hardly wait for him to drive back so I could phone him of this good news from the Lord.  “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.”  The Lord is so good to the ones who fear and submit to Him.

(The next was written in September 2003):

In August 2003, I started to feel very tired and lose my appetite.  During the following few days, I noticed that both my eyes were becoming yellow.  My urine was yellow as well.  I also started to get indigestion so I went to see my family doctor right away.  A series of tests followed: blood tests, urine tests, ultra sounds, etc.  “Your bile tube is inflamed and stacked; it could be very serious” said the doctor, “We have to send you to the hospital for some other internal tests.”

“Oh, Lord, do I have to suffer again?!”  I asked the Lord to heal me by His power.  I told the doctor to give me time to let my body heal by itself.  He told me that I was stubborn.  I lost ten pounds in one week.  With much prayer, I started to be able to eat a bit each day.  I knew God could heal me and He did.  Now it is a month later and I can eat normally.  It’s time to go back for a retest.  By faith, I know that I’m healed.  Praise be the name of the Lord.  He performed miracles in the past; He can perform them today.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Jesus is the same.  Things on earth may change, but never Jesus!  Glory to His name.

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LOVING SMILE EVERLASTING (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

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AgnesIMG_1741 (2)


 By:  Agnes Tai


 For His utmost Glory she continuously strives,

In good times and harrowing illness through her life;

Trials and tribulations were overcome with a warm smile,

Our hearts so touched, our souls can’t hide.

A humble, trusting servant of God she exemplifies,

Fruit of the Holy Spirit in her fully thrives;

Amiable, kind and gentle is our beloved Mrs. Lai,

Angel on earth, now singing sweetly by the Lord’s side.

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By:  Hing Seto

Translator: Agnes K Y Tai

I met Rev. and Mrs Lai while taking part in the CCM Canada Cancer Care volunteer work from 2006 to 2010.  Rev Lai was the Counseling Pastor of our group.  The couple came to every one of our monthly seminars.  In each session Rev. Lai delivered thought-provoking short talks as Mrs. Lai supported him with a smile from her wheelchair.  At any time, in any occasion and under any circumstance, her smile was always on her virtuous face, much like rays of sunshine, instantly brightening us all with warmth and pleasantness.  Her attractiveness was deeply felt.  This is one of the unique qualities of Christians, and the will of God as set for us and made available in Christ Jesus: “Rejoice always.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16)

The smile on Mrs. Lai’s face displayed the joy that came from the bottom of her heart, perfectly natural and sweet, and so much so that her battle with a harsh illness for over a decade could not be perceived.  Radiating from her smile were banners of triumph and songs of victory in Our Lord.  What a gallant and elite soldier of Christ!

\Also among the multitude of Mrs. Lai’s virtues, I will never forget and will miss forever her genuine affection and love for others, her purity and her humility.   I have always respected her since we met nine years ago at CCM.  I abruptly heard of Mrs. Lai’s cancer affliction early last winter, and was moved to see her responding with steadfast faith in our loving Father God.  He favored her with His astonishing Peace, enabling her to personally experience the precious Promise of our Lord: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. “ (Philippians 4:6) By the Lord’s Grace, she has completely attained that Promise.

We often had deep heart-to-heart talks and prayed over the phone together.  Although she was seriously ill, she always cared for our family meticulously and prayed fervently for us and that really touched me.  Every time I called, I would hear her affectionate greeting: “Sister Hing (Qing).”  When I first heard her greet me this way I replied: “Truly I don’t deserve it!” as I thought she was a couple of years younger than I was and also that her spiritual credentials far, far exceeded mine.   With her pure goodness, affection in the Lord and utmost sincerity, I inevitably smiled happily each time when I heard her call me ” Sister Hing (Qing) ” – enjoying the sweetness and glee bestowed by our merciful Lord upon the fellowship we enjoy as part of the Body of Christ.   She left me with yet another deep impression – more of Christ’s unique qualities – authenticity, goodness and beauty.

Mrs. Lai was a believer since very young and has followed the Lord with total trust and submission to Him all of her life.  Our gracious Lord selected and gave His faithful servant Rev. Paul Lai as her companion and together with hearts united they devotedly served our Glorious, Redeeming Lord.  Although tormented by illness physically, her spiritual life proved to hold fast, staying vibrant and strong; she remained unshakeable.  So filled to overflowing was she with Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ that her life has given off a beautiful fragrance that will linger with us forever.


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OBEDIENCE AND PEACE (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

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2016-01-15 16.08.26

By: Yvonne Lai

There is peace in my heart, not the world has to offer, nor the world can take away;

Although trials and tribulations surround me, I always have this peace. 


Always in my heart, Jesus is mine; moments in my mind, joy and happiness; 

The Lord will never leave me, He whispers to me: “I will never leave you.”

He belongs to me.

My physical disabilities limited the movements of my arms, hands, legs and feet.  Each movement was extremely painful and strenuous.  I felt like I was being caged inside my body.  Then God re-molded my inner life and gave me great peace in my heart. When you know you are helpless, you will be obedient to God.  However, your obedience can only be attained through persevering in tough tests.  When I learned of Rev. Lai’s cancer, I was in great fear.  We prayed together.  I said, “Lord, I submit to you totally”.  When I was willing to submit, God gave me peace and joy that the world could not give me.  God gives us “peace that passes all understanding”, and that is the greatest blessing that God bestowed on Christians.

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TEACHING CAREER (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

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By:  Paul Lai  

Translator: Henry Lam

Even though this illness came with much bodily pain, you still had unending thankfulness.  Before your illness, you were a doctor’s secretary and your pay helped with the household finances.  Afterwards though, you were not able to move freely and could no longer work.  However,        God wonderfully supplied for us in every which way.  

Once you read about a woman restricted to a wheelchair.  Because she was unable to go out and work, the woman began to teach storytelling and English.  After reading this story you were very happy because you saw that you could teach French in the same way this woman taught English.  It was from this moment that you started teaching – beginning with our own children.  However, simply teaching your own child was not interesting enough.  You let your son bring his classmate to learn alongside him for free.  This classmate’s mother thought that this was good and sent another child along. Eventually, one after another, more students came to learn French.  This teaching career spanned 44 years from 1969 to 2013 when your teaching career came to an end.  In the midst of your teaching you had many opportunities to bring many students to the LORD.

1) Apart from teaching French, you always found time to disciple others.  Within a short period of time you saw them grow quickly and gained great joy.  Once, at a prayer meeting, you were moved to see one of your own students pray.  He had progressed from not believing to believing; and then from a new believer to one who relies on God for all things.  His life had changed immensely.  He also told you that he was preparing to take a teaching ESL diploma in order to go to China for a year to share the Gospel through teaching English.  You told me that he was originally a lonely and hurt teenager.  He used to always listen to New Age music, but after you patiently guided him, he finally came to accept Salvation.

2) There was also another student, Wong. After believing in the Lord, he passionately started to share the Gospel by passing out pamphlets on campus and sharing through email.

3) For one student, not long after she came to faith in Christ, her mother always forced her to go to a tutoring centre.  It was difficult for her and she came to you and asked what she should do?  You cleverly said to her, “If you were my daughter, I would encourage you to worship God.”  It was this simple statement from which she decided to no longer go to the tutoring centre and chose to go to church to worship God.  Not long after, she was baptized and became a daughter of the Lord.

4) In the summers you decided not to teach French, but to use the time to freely invite the students and their friends to picnics, games and sharing the Gospel.  It was in this way that many new friends came to Christ.  There was one new brother, Lam, who shared his testimony: 

Mrs. Lai is my first ever Sunday school teacher who laid down the foundation for my faith.  She led me in reading the Bible and analyzing God’s word.  She taught me about the importance of prayer and how best to pray.  She encouraged me to serve; moreover, she encouraged me to serve in the church.  Even though I was only at Fountain Alliance for 3 years, I still live out what Mrs. Lai taught me after 20 years.  Today, Mrs. Lai’s influence still touches many lives.  Her teachings and influence is my inheritance from her.  I am determined in this life to pass this inheritance on.”

(Note: Brother Lam’s mother later told Mrs. Lai that when Brother Lam was 12 years old, his father abandoned the family and that she brought the 3 children to Canada.  In the midst of all the worry about her children, she had a dream that angel wonderfully came into their home to take care of the children.  From then on, Brother Lam’s life was transformed by God and he was no longer an unhappy child.  She wholeheartedly thanked God and thanked Mrs. Lai for her loving teachings.)

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