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A beautiful picture of Godliness

April 15th, 2016

A beautiful picture of Godliness’

By Rev.Paul  Lai

Translate  : Floyd Wan/Stephen Lai

Earlier this year, our little granddaughter invited us to her school (Richmond Christian Elementary School) preschool Easter presentation.  More than 17 active children sang and did actions to go with the many songs. Many young parents hurried to get photos of their children with their iPhone cameras.  In just ten minutes, the program was well arranged. It started with a prayer, followed by choral songs, and a short but clear gospel presentation. [The birth of Christ, His completeness for our  incompleteness, His dying on the cross for us, His wonderful salvation and His forgiveness of our sins.]

Finally, the teacher led a prayer, and the children prayed along with her. In this solemn moment, I saw mothers continue to photograph their children.  Among all the children, very few truly bowed and prayed, and one was my granddaughter. Other children were looking around or towards their mothers’ cameras.  For a moment,  I saw another beautiful picture: my granddaughter, with her head bowed, hands folded together.  Because of her long hair covering the face, I did not have a clear view of her, but that image of her total devotion to God, made a great impression in my heart.

 This beautiful image, which makes me think of the words [Jesus Only]. Often, we want others to see me: “I am so important, so rich, so good, and so talented.  People see me, not Jesus.” If we let Christ live in our heart, and demonstrate godliness of God, our lives would not be centered around “us” (Me Only).  Rather, our lives should be seen as “Jesus Only”


Bon Chan :A camera is near to impossible to capture the spiritual fellowship with our LORD.

Holden: Thank you for sharing ‘A beautiful picture of Godliness’, men can only see the exterior but God values the inner being.

Emma: Thank you Pastor Lai! I believe both the exterior and the inner soul are beautiful, especially, the beauty of a child’s soul.  They are from our loving Lord, whose preparing a place for those that love Him.


Stephen Lai

 French Teacher, Grades 1-5

 Richmond Christian Elementary Campus

[email protected]






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