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Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved (Translation afterthought)

August 21st, 2016



By: Agnes K Y Tai2007-12-30 16.07.52

Rev Paul Lai and I have never met, yet the Lord gave me an invaluable opportunity to serve Him by helping in the translation of Chinese-English essays written about his late wife Mrs. Yvonne Lai.  Rev Lai read my first piece of translation done for brother Larry Leung and asked if I could do two more, and it turned out to be quite a few over the past 6 months, for which I am grateful.

Writers of all the essays praised Mrs.  Lai for her sweet smile, gentleness, amicable demeanor, unwavering faith, generosity, great deeds (not to mention her wonderful French cooking) and especially in encouraging believers and supporting Rev Lai in his ministry, despite the hardships she suffered tremendously due to deteriorating health and a difficult family situation over the span of nearly four decades.  A great number of lives were dramatically changed by her living testimony.  It is amazing how she submitted to the Lord and was so blessed by being His marvelous vessel in gathering His beloved children in Canada and beyond.  Romans 8:28, which Mrs.  Lai kept on her lips is a scripture close to my heart as well.

My work in investment and risk management often leads me to ask questions that others aren’t bold enough to raise.  The essays sound too perfect.  Some questions that surfaced are :

1. There had to be times when Mrs. Lai found it too much to bear; did she cry a lot?  Were there weak moments?  Were there moments she lost faith?  Did she ask the Lord to forgive her for the temporary loss of faith or submissiveness? 

2. How did the Holy Spirit comfort and strengthen her day in and day out?  How did she hear the Lord each day?  What assured her of His presence through all the suffering?  

3. Did Rev Lai and Mrs. Lai quarrel because they got frustrated about the trials and tribulations?  How did they forgive each other and ask the Lord for forgiveness? How often?


I may never know the answers.  Indeed, there is no need to.  The reality is that many came to Christ, many people are helped, many are empowered and many have their spirituality strengthened because Mrs. Lai was an angel on earth to them.   She was a faithful and victorious servant of the Lord, all the while wearing the most beautiful attire –– her tender sweet smile.

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