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A COLLAGE OF WORDS FROM THE HEART (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

August 22nd, 2016



By :         Various

Translated by  Albert Liuntitledasd

Mrs. Yvonne Lai, Pastor Paul Lai’s wife, was always gentle, friendly and kind.   Her face, full of mercy, has left a deep impression on my mind to this day.   Pastor and Mrs. Lai pastored my father, Mike Mak, in his youth.   Mrs. Lai cared for me, prayed for me and gave me ample encouragement.   I am so grateful.   Mrs. Lai was an answer to our prayers.   She lived life to the fullest.   Every time I think of her smile my heart is full of fond memories.   I really wish to say to her:  “My dear Mrs. Lai, you have guided my father and nourished my heart, I will remember you forever!”    Yu Mak

Pastor Lai and Mrs. Lai, I am so thankful to have learned about love, unconditional love, from you.   At home, I practiced the way you showed your love for God, how you loved each other as husband and wife and how you loved your children.   Thankfulness is all that I can give you in return for your lessons given by your living example.    V. C.

Pastor Lai and Mrs. Lai, your teachings have taken root deep within my heart.   Looking back over the past 30 years, life has had its ups and downs.  Your teachings always gave me comfort and guidance whenever things got rough.   They helped me to get back on my feet.   Thank you for your patience and acceptance.    S. W.

Mrs. Lai’s teachings and examples had given me a lifelong help.   Every time I encountered uncertainties, trials and depression, your smile would somehow appear in my mind.   Mrs. Lai’s body was weak but her spirituality had surpassed her physical limitations.    S. Mo

You have lived out the life of Christ.  You have given an example to this little lamb.   You are the bountiful servant of God.    M. M.

In your lives, a witness of abundant life was given.   Pastor and Mrs. Lai, you are both my spiritual parents.   I would never forget the feeling of warmth and closeness I received from you.   I felt lost previously but Pastor Lai looked upon me with assurance.   Mrs. Lai smiled brilliantly upon me with acceptance.   Your examples of trusting and obeying along with your faithfulness and patience are what have helped me to grow up and model in my own life.  Thank you.    D. C.

Mrs. Lai, I was happy to be able to share my feelings with you because you always gave me comfort in the Lord.   You are healthier physically, mentally and spiritually than many brothers and sisters.  Seeing the love Pastor Lai and you shared together, seeing how you glorified God in your marriage, it reminded all of us sisters to treasure marriage.   Your teachings were not taken lightly nor will they be easily forgotten.  You taught by example.   This helped us to remember God’s word constantly.   T. T.

In a meeting one day in October 1973 at the Ottawa General Hospital, we received your leading and guidance and received Salvation from Christ.   We are among the first group of believers to be baptized at the Ottawa Chinese Alliance Church.   This is God’s perfect arrangement.    Praise to the Lord that you came to Ottawa to plant a church and to bring the Gospel of God’s Kingdom to this community.   This has caused many unbelievers to listen to the Gospel and to receive the Salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.   To build up the church, you stayed in Ottawa and did your very best.   You are beloved by the Lord and honored by us.   K. Ng

Mrs. Lai, your sharing and teaching have become a lifelong lesson.   I had always asked you, “Why does Pastor Lai treat you so well?  Why is he always there for you?   How do you make a husband treat you and your sons so well?”   You always told me that it is because there is love.   It is the result of a relationship of God, husband and wife forming a triangle.   You asked me to remember 1 Cor. 13:4, 5.  It said “Love is patient, love is kind.”    J. W.

You came to visit me.   I am thankful that Pastor Lai and Mrs. Lai came to help and encourage me when I was helpless and in distress.   Pastor Lai explained to me the Gospel and led me to commit my life to Jesus Christ.   I thank both of you for teaching me how to pray, reminding me to serve the Lord and not to turn away from God.   I am indeed thankful to you and wish that God would bless you with His goodness.   Mrs. Szeto




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