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August 22nd, 2016

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By:           Paul Lai

Translator: Agnes K Y Tai

Although God has allowed my cancer affliction, there have been hidden blessings that have been released and realized through the suffering.

The first blessing bestowed by God by the illness and suffering is that it causes me to draw closer and become even more intimate with Him.  In an acute calamity, prayers and the seeking of God’s will inevitably get more fervent.  During unceasing prayers day and night, God has let me experience His great love, joy and peace, and see the vision of His sending.  This is the best preparation from Him for my ensuing ministry.

This first blessing which lets me know God in a much deeper way is well-illustrated in the Old Testament of the Bible where a person named Job has said, “My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you.”  Did Job not previously know God?  He certainly did, but not deep enough.  Job was a good person, a righteous man, one whom God was very pleased with.  God did not hold back suffering from him.  Job would know God much better after suffering was upon him.   This was certainly not a knowing in a logical sense but rather a knowing that comes from a more in-depth experience with God.  From a hearing only to an actual experiencing turns a once objective view into a subjective one.   My illness has let me personally experience God in a deeper way.  His words are more precious and amidst suffering, God’s words become more distinct.  He has spoken with me and His words and promises are so vivid.

The second blessing from God is that due to my own physical and mental agony I am now better able to understand how cancer patients feel both physically and mentally.  This permits me to draw so much closer to them, to sincerely care about their misery and to preach the one true Gospel of Salvation so that the Hope of Glory can reach their hearts.  Personally suffering from cancer has prepared my heart to be filled with love and compassion for the afflicted and has given me a sense of increased urgency to share the Gospel message with others.

The third blessing from God is expressed in the many fruits that resulted in my life through my experiencing cancer, and there have been numerous persons that have been saved and blessed as a result.  After I had cancer, over 90% of those to whom I preached the Gospel were willing to believe in God.  Thanks to the Lord, this is God’s amazing plan.  All glory and honor to God!

Apart from this, God has used me at local and other churches and fellowships at various places for teaching and testimony.   “After Rain Comes Rainbow” testimonial records were published and reprinted and the Gospel is now propagated via the internet, writings and worship songs.  “The Songs of Rainbow” CD has gone out through media such as electronic video and WeChat, etc.   Thanks to the Lord, Who lets me not only spread the Gospel to those seriously ill, but also enables me to witness to many more of His truthfulness and love through the use of my personal experience.

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