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WHY DID YOU MARRY PASTOR LAI? (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

August 22nd, 2016


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By:  Yvonne Lai

Translator: Sunny Tso

A senior Pastor couple visited us shortly after our wedding.  This elderly Pastor’s wife came up to me and asked me why I would choose to marry a Pastor, since, as she put it, I was such a young, pretty and capable lady.  Why on earth would I want to be a Pastor’s wife?  

At the time, I felt it strange that this elderly couple would attempt to discourage my decision rather than supporting it.  To this day, as I enter retirement, I still cannot understand their motive but I do know that I have absolutely no regrets at all.  One possible reason for their negative comment about marrying a Pastor is perhaps the tremendous pressure and difficulty a Pastor couple faces in their lifetime.  As for me, I have no regret concerning my decision even till this day.  I would often tell others how thankful I am to God for choosing this preacher named Paul to be my lifetime partner.  Even though we experienced time after time uncertainty and hardship in life, we knew there was nothing that could separate us from the love of God, and we continued to serve Him faithfully.  

Our daily hard work has produced abundant spiritual fruits both during our ministries in Ottawa from 1973-1986, and in Vancouver from 1989-1997.  Our goal was to work diligently by faith in the area of church planting and shepherding, and by faith we were able to move forward in the midst of hardship.  Praise God that through our humble lives of service, many would come to experience the great blessings from our Almighty God.


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