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IN HONOUR OF YVONNE (A Letter to Rev. Lai) (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

August 22nd, 2016

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By: Avalon Spence

What a wonderful time we had together that afternoon Hing and I came to visit with the both of you at your home.  Although the timing turned out to be just a matter of weeks prior to Yvonne’s passing, we were so surprised to see how well Yvonne appeared!  She didn’t look sick at all to our eyes, but in fact, we agreed on the way home that day, how Yvonne looked much healthier than the both of us put together!

We found  Yvonne to be positively  radiant when she greeted us that afternoon  with beautiful pink, smooth skin tone, nice shining  hair, dressed elegantly, and most of all wearing  such a nice warm smile to let us know we were really welcome.  So loving and gracious was her demeanor.   I can say without a doubt that she absolutely beamed with Divine Peace and Joy!  In the short time I was with you, I found Yvonne to be so genuine, intelligent, interesting and humble.  I liked her very much and experienced an instant kinship.  

Although the purpose of our visit was to bring encouragement and pray with you both that afternoon, we were the ones who left with an unexpected abundance.  The Presence of the Lord was there in your home in a very real way, and His being with us there made our time together so full.  Even during this time when you and Yvonne were dealing with sickness, the Joy of the Lord was spilling over onto us!

How quickly we all fit in together, feeling close and connected as believers do, spending those few precious hours talking, laughing, sharing testimonies of the way we’d all experienced God at work in our lives and in the lives of those close to us.  Our conversations were deep, honest and lively.  Hing and I even over-stayed our pre-planned length of visit as it was very hard to break up the bond we were experiencing.  But, after wrapping up with a time of prayer, we reluctantly got up to take our leave.  And another surprise: Yvonne decided she would walk us to the door – and she did just that!  What a beautiful sight you two were as we drove away – I can still see you in my mind’s eye, standing together on your front step –   smiling and waving ceaselessly until we’d driven out of sight down the road.  We felt so blessed!  I thought then that it’s too bad I hadn’t known Yvonne sooner in life, as I’m sure we’d have made great friends.  That of course will have to be put on hold until such time as I arrive where she is, and by then we’ll have all the time we need – an eternity in fact!


We all had prayed that afternoon that Yvonne would receive a miracle of healing.  But the Lord in His Wisdom chose to display perfect faith in Yvonne instead, not by removing the trial, but by seeing her through the trial.   When it was Yvonne’s moment to pray, I don’t recall her praying for a miracle as the rest of us did.   Instead, I remember she expressed trust in Him, regardless of whether or not the miracle was given.  That was a demonstration of perfect faith.   Despite adverse circumstances for many years, Yvonne hadn’t given up – she trusted her Saviour to the end.  I know she ran the race set before her and has received her reward in Heaven.

Rev. Lai, even though we rejoice because Yvonne is with Jesus now in Glory, I don’t for a minute forget it also means she is not here with you today and for that I offer my deepest and heartfelt condolences.   You were God’s gift to each other and I could see that very clearly – and you, Rev. Lai, were such a big, special part of God’s plan in helping her making it through.  We can do anything when we know we are loved – that was your gift to her – a real love that didn’t give up in the hard times.  Faith and love:  it can’t help but be a winning combination.  In my eyes you two made an excellent team and were a great example of a truly loving marriage.

I mourn with you now as you grieve what can only be expressed as a great loss.  I hope these reflections I’ve recorded here will somehow help you and others that knew and loved Yvonne to be lifted just a little as you walk through this time of sorrow.  I pray to God it will be so.

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