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A (SON’S) LETTER TO MRS. LAI (Yvonne—My One and Only Beloved)

August 22nd, 2016

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By:                  Rev. David Tam

Translator:   Agnes K Y Tai

Whenever we think about you: the gentle look in your eyes, the smile full of joy, the fearless perseverance amidst physical disability, your words filled with encouragement and hope… all made us feel so sweet and warm within!  There was never an ounce of pressure or a touch of boredom when we spent time together.  We could only feel that life is ever full of continuous vitality!  You are gone now!  Yet left behind in our memory are not tears but a delightful smiling face.  What comes to mind is not the haggard look of sickness, but the joy of life lived with hope.   All of this, yes all of this will remain as beautiful memories throughout my life.

Mrs. Lai, we are grateful that you and Rev. Lai cared for us throughout these many years.  Juliana and I both enjoyed your intimate warmth because of the care and prayers of you both; the feeling is still so fresh as we think about it now!  In the past, although there was a definite distance in terms of geography and time, yet, there was often that heart connection between us, Canada and Hong Kong!  Even though we didn’t speak frequently, yet the love forever dwells in our hearts!

Over 30 years ago, because of the approval from you and Rev. Lai, Juliana finally agreed to my courtship.  Her respect for you two was clearly evident from this!  Without the encouragement and support from you and Rev. Lai, the dream of 30 years of our growing together in marriage would never have become a reality.  Juliana and I both grew up in less than wholesome families and as we came together there were just too much baggage that we would have to shoulder, shed and accommodate together, and yet you both were always attentive to our love for each other in a marital life that is pleasing to each other.  Whether you were far or near, you unreservedly were there for us providing encouragement and support!  The lives of you and Rev. Lai are exactly a living manual of luscious marriage that everybody could witness!  In a family so affected by unfortunate changes, you never forsook or left the other, walking alongside each other without complaints or regrets, which have already given us a strikingly powerful testimony without the need for words!  What could we have to complain about in our own marriage?  Juliana and I are truly deeply grateful for the ever-available bits of support given by you both!

Over 20 years ago, you told me that once in your dream you saw that I came to minister in Vancouver and bought a house close to your place as well.  At the time, I didn’t think much of it as I was pastoring a church in Hong Kong and so it seemed something quite impossible.   But, much to my surprise, in the past year your dream had come true!  This dream became a reality in your lifetime!  Indeed, I moved to Vancouver to minister last year and in May this year I actually bought a house near where you live.  In the past year, the distance between us has shrunk!  Having dinner together, praying together……. Juliana and I have already regarded you both no different than our own parents!  It’s just like being at our parents’ home when we were at yours.  What a warm feeling!

There is still plenty I want to say, Mrs. Lai, your life and Rev. Lai’s have undoubtedly been a source of great blessings to us!  Devotion and love, joy amidst trials and tribulations, faith in the midst of suffering, let all that joy pour forth!  Your smile is all I see each time I think of you!  Even during times of anguish you still splendidly displayed that beautiful and joyful smile!  We will always remember you fondly!

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