September 2nd, 2016

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By:  Rose Yu 

Translator: Agnes K Y Tai

We are thankful, beloved Mrs. Lai, that the passion, commitment and purpose of the great commission in sharing the gospel is again lucidly presented to the brothers and sisters at Newbern Memorial Chinese Alliance Church because of you.  You let us understand that sharing the gospel is not only a life line in His work, but it is also a battle line.  At times, it’s like gazing at a vast ocean, feeling like we can’t proceed.  Yet your courage and your persistence tell us that steps protected by our Lord are not to stop at the rim of the waters.  We must go forward, and when we courageously take that step, God responds to our faith and the ocean parts for us.  

I recall how when your physique was weakening day by day during the harsh illness, in complete trust and reliance you quietly waited with hope, and each day was more than victorious!  You replaced sighing with praise, groaning with gratitude, so that every person who was with you felt the love and act of God.  And the most touching was that during this very difficult time, you were still selflessly concerned with the mission of evangelism, with special emphasis on the younger generation’s participation in His work.  You offered money, strength, prayers, asking God to keep clearing and unblocking all the barriers that prevent their progress, to allow all that is fully offered sacrificially be pleasing to the Lord!  

As the Lord has now carried you back Home, your weary burden on earth is no more.  Although waves of grief fill our hearts with reluctance to part, yet your glorious contribution in Christ’s Kingdom shall be in our remembrance!  You let us understand how to appreciate valuable experiences every single day! Even though at this moment we still stay at our desire for glory rather than the cross, the want of being fragrant without the burning, we seek the Lord’s forgiveness, because of your precious testimony, we are led to see : Today’s cross is tomorrow’s crown!   In anticipation of tomorrow’s glory we must calmly and fearlessly submit to the trials and tribulations of today!  “His love is unchanging!  His grace is ever-lasting!  His mercy is endless!  To all those who call upon Him, He gives love and eternal life!”

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